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Brach 2 of getting out of there


I think I will have to get over all that as soon as possible and move on since,a)That’s how it works.b)Through some school conference on Saturday and some unimaginably long-term huge “communication”(since I don’t talk much often,it’s a big move),I felt that there really are opportunities and also,hope,in the future,which sets its seed within Today.

So..I decide to do a quicker “wrap-up” of my little sad journey of last week,and…get what I ought to get and forget about it.

and here we go

“official branch2”


Mom has always been the kinder one compared to my dad,who has some “sub-hidden-personality”,so basically she deals with the parent-and-kid family conversation.

That very night she talked to me,asking “Why” like others would the next day.I fell silent.After that,days just went on.

Yet,I later found out that mom has lost trust in me,she would from time to time come over to my room and see what I am doing online,concerning about whether to shut the filtering service down more seriously than ever.Long story short,I think she is just kindly trying to get more involved in my world to have a better understanding and also to “keep guard”,in a pretty annoying way,unfortunately.

Being further and further away from that gloomy day,we have jokes,tricks,little funny stuff back again,yet every time when I was beside my mom on the sofa browsing the news and blogs,I always know something is different.

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