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Protest Deaths blocked by China authorities

I am sure that many people have heard about,or read out the protest and demonstration thing in China,just like it was at the Tianmen Square in 1989,which has been covered in dark clouds,away from the younger generation in China,for everytime I am curious about that the only reply I got was either beating around the bush or just “Keep it in silence.”

Here is the cover of this ongoing event from NewYorkTimes:

Protesters Say Police in China Killed Up to 20(sorry have to update the link later)

Another report 1 week after that:

Beijing Casts Net of Silence Over Protest.

And on I had more information(link will be updated later,or check it out on your own) on that from some free lancer or journalists,I think you can expand your research from there.

For some quite obvious reason,and I will also have to say because of being in naive(16,I should like to have no comment on this.Yet on our weekly news report I included this in mine and “spread the news”,as predicted,though,no one actually knew about that,and no one actually would believe that,(actually I doubt if they get what I say).

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