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According to Raymond Times,one of Raymond’s mother’s co-worker’s co-worker,a career woman at her early 40s,and her mother-in-law,were killed in their living room on one December morning,reportedly by 2 thieves who broke in for money.

Comment1:Great!It happens everywhere.

Comment2:That’s freeeaaakeee.

Scence:”Have you all heard about that on TV?Well,I am gonna take off to [vitim’s husband]’s and show some support.”

“It’s never good thing to reveal your wealth?Look what they’ve got?So I am just gonna go in my poor suits and take a taxi,Oh,have I mentioned our car,or van,has long been sold,we have to support your study,son.”

That’s from my dad.

Though it sounds a little humiliating from my dad,but that truly started me thinking about money and all that.I’ve been applying for a really expensive highschool-to-college opportunity but turned down for both financial difficulties and some other “about choices”stuff.For this long I’ve still had and once in a while revealed my anger or disappointment about losing the opportunity.Because,definitely,being this young,there are great dreams and possibilities and ambitions,whatever you are striving for.And possibly parents are against that since they are standing at one point that I knew I cannot understand,remember the entry about that scary talk I had with my dad on that issue?That reveals that parents are keeping with a more secure perspective,that is to sacrifice for the security and safety,then harmoney,of the whole family,simply for they are not by themselves any more,there are family.And,seemingly,when you have a glowing career and life that is not so clear,(since,business is not all that simple and “innocent”),there is probably some bigger rocks in the road,one of which,maybe,sticks you there for ever.
I had a feeling of a suck of breathe coming into my heart through my nose and turns into a twist,all my desires just fall in.Then just started imagining,my father is now going to see the poor husband,then..?Maybe there was a conspiracy going on and the Big Guy is secrectly monitoring the yet rich husband’s social connections and keen to make it all clean,so makes a decision to murder all that will be appearing on the funeral and their families.Then Death is so close to me.

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