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Protests…blah blah blah

You remember one night during dinner,there on the TV during the International news section,reports like Taiwan was doing something “sensitive”to China Mainland,or all that about Japan and UN thing,and how angry some people were getting around here at that?

Well,I remembered when this was actually going on,and in the far west of China,where I was staying,we had a whole afternoon class session listening to the Dean’s radio conference on that issue,at the end he gave us a firm notification which was “Be rational and calm,never join in any protesters or groups alike.”and other things like”Just remember Taiwan is doomed to be part of the nation.”

I never know about politics,but always have faith that it’s about serving the people.And to serve some,they are not smart enough to avoid hurting some others.Or,they are just selfish enough to think about nothing but power.So there are two kinds of them,both are not perfect.

Blah blah blah…Meaningless.

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