Common Store.

Coffee,Coffee,Coffee. “Don’t.”

I can really smell casual weekend on the web,since my RSS feeds are not filing up today, unfortunately,I don’t just let it all go at weekends.See,I’ve posted much more than ever in one day on this journal.

Now I am drawing to the night with the sky that I haven’t been paying much attention to but always appears to be so beautiful.This relaxation “sensation”is so short now I should say,there’s a week’s exam session ahead,which could be extra-stressful to a person like me who is so inconfident of almost everything.I ran away sometimes as you may have known.

So,this is precious.

Mom is always so cercerned about those little things in life.


Not so delicious,since she just started cooking for the family like a month ago,since grandma dealt with the kitchen quite smoothly before,but…not any more I guess.

Warm Coffee

And I am taking in more coffee than before to keep me up with the homework that piles up even at weekends.Yet,mom is there again,setting a restrition of 2 cups a day.Still,the instant coffee isn’t so nice.


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