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Weekly random thing

Okay,now this is again drawing to the last minute of the lovely weekend and also Christmas.

Honestly,though people here are all celebrating on Christmas Eve and all,there isn’t much chemistry,maybe it just really doesn’t belong here.

Yesterday(as Christmas Eve),origionally I was to attend some dinner party in a neighbourhood foodstore with some fellows,yet was prohibited by my father,who was so concerned of the traffic jam(It’s not just neighbourhood,or is it?),which I secretly think has something to do with my running away from school previously.

I am never able to have any control of myself during weekends,after a long trail of TV dramas and home DVDs,it was already casual Sunday afternoon,with my waggy heavy head this morning,I constantly came up with this,”If you can,do,If you can’t,teach.”

Education could be so tricky sometimes since,have you ever doubted about your look-up-to attitude towards your teacher,regarding them as the best in that area?Well,I’ve been living in my dreams before,dreaming about their expertise until the true realization is now thrown to my face.Shame on me as well for I am already 16 now.The question now is what makes a good teacher?Since critical thinking and all those logic capability is obviously not the answer according to the quotation.Where actually are they in their field?Like in the bottom,regular,or high-definition authority?Are they just too weak to really leap into the adult society as to hide in a high school,or actually,a brilliant key high school in the city?If a real career person comes to this business,will he/she be much better than what my teachers are doing right now?If so,we can predict that the quality of people will advance.Just think how irresponsible it is of humans to throw their offsprings to the weak of all for education at the lowest,the most lame level and standard.


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