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Quote Christmas Quote

“Nothing’s going on today,
really boring it’s getting late.
What happened to my X-mas Day?
Monday’s coming the day I hate,aaaate.”

Thanks for that.So,Christmas in China,not such thing as chemistry or atomsphere,though there are tens of people celebrating here and there,gathering on the four avenues downtown,still doesn’t feel it right.

Bloglines go to sleep,podcasts fall silent,and no one on the buddy list or in reality.It’s a quiet quiet Christmas.As I rolled down the old clips from the web I saw people talk about today’s work and tomorrow’s agendas,whoever he is,rebellious,positive or weird.That just slaps my face since I am likely to be the only one who is giving up on things,aka homework and study,passion,also,talent.
I remember a quotation says”It takes half of the time you worry about issues to get issues done.”Am I just afraid of that possibility that I may fail even though I try?
I do hate to judge myself like this or make myself a seemingly reasonable conclusion,because I know that’s not it.Yet I don’t know what it is.The only thing I realize is that when I was at the bus stop earlier in the day and was run into by a former classmate who passed by and said with a joious grin,”Ya awesome.”I didn’t dare to take it as a compliment but rather somthing with an ironic undertone or subline.

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