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Fourth one of today.

After quick dinner,I happened to have a conversation with my mom on films.I had always suggested her  see the film Dancer in the Dark,directed by Lars von Trior,but every time she refused because according to a few scenes I previously showed her,she had considered the piece a dark and weird one.

This time we again reached the usual point about the “darkness”,yet this time I talked about the story,which was new to her,and finally made her see the part where Selma,out of her lover for her song,shot her landlord,who is also her friend,dead.And the ending part where selma is sentenced to death and her “next to last song”.During the film mom asked questions,yet everytime I asked her to think about the answer herself.

I am sure the film has a strong subline,and the combination of reality and the drama is also,not only overwhelming,but also strongly implying the rediculous and plain difference between realism and idealism.Personally,I am for the idealism,hense idealists suffer from the reality,which could cause her/him insane or dead.There are obviously examples in the long history,especially in arts,like Vincent van Gogh,who by the way is a favourite,and also that beautiful line for him.

“Now I understand,

What you tried to say to me,

and how you suffered for your sanity,

and how you tried to set them free.”

“suffered for your sanity.”That’s quite ironic.Yet aren’t people making the same mistake yet again even now?There are always underrated ones,yet what is the truth to art?What is the truth to everything?That’s a question which has been bothering me long,since there is an argue on “Absolute Truth”,is there even one?

After that film,we went on to Blue,by Kryszdof Kieslowsi,as one of his Three Colors trilogy(excuse me for calling it a trilogy).Mother could not stand it,as she called it a “gloomy”one.

And,sorry that I don’t know what to say about the film.I will see a few years later on.


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