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Off again.”Unshamely”

I will have only one word for the title,that is the fact that I don’t go to school today for no phyisical reason and have also caused little parents’ panic and mostly,concern,resulting in a telephone call from the vice principle recommending psych-therapists in the city.

It’s hard to quiet myself down,or to be more exact,to find the inner peace,which I think is what the culture is aiming for.Though the new country has long since been founded,the Cultural Revolution,in which the acient wis and wit were denied,has also,ended long.I still see the affection of Confusious and Lao Zi sparkling in almost everyone’s eyes.Since people are constantly avoiding too much tv watching,too much time spent online,too much entertainment etc.There’s a pattern that people are finding a balance in an almost unconsious way.At least to me,since I always feel the guilt after I overdo all those activities.

So,it always occurs to me that the information age is not really for China.Everything is always on the go,you have to rush to catch up with the infomation flow,and there’s compitetion in the most intense way ever,it’s international,all the circumstances will possibly arouse feelings of guilt of any kind in this country,or,the whole country could put aside their “sin”s and just pile in,which is never going to be possible for the foundation of the civilization has been so rocksolid.I remember months ago reading a economics column argueing about China’s economic development,the columist has shown great concern about the situation and has shouted out for the old topic “Inner Peace”.

Though the US is forcing in the all-American culture through,and there’re crowds who are just more than pleased to embrace the “shower”,I see through their everyday behaviour that they are pure Chinese with just slight foreign outfits and I find it kinda funny.

Now that the world is turing to the so-called “Wisdom of the East”,claiming about the harmony between people and nature,rather than as in West civilization,where everything created is against the law of the nature.

Still,the tricky debate is still hot on in here.

I think,from that aspect,I find some glows of this long acient beauty.


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