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Okay,this is the third entry of the day,seems I am quite bored enough to put three in one day.

Basically the afternoon was spent on Home DVDs,to be exact,a little Desperate Housewives,a lot of Sex and the City,which would probably remind you of the word “femininity”,yet,you will see how bored I was.Plus,I watched it with my 72-year-old grandmother while she was doing the knitting job and constantly making her judgements on those CDs,so I had to just skip the “sex scene”or sometimes muted to have it running on the widescreen.

The night before last I wrote my first post for the Yahoo!Social Anxiety Group about the story I once posted on the Aol journal.Actually I hated to put on such stories on Christmas Holidays,but that night I just again got depressed for no reason.I received replies from 2 moderators who gave usual suggestions a counsellor would give,which makes me ashamed since I seem to have ruined their holidays by publishing my post to upset them.’s getting all lousy here again,no more writing.


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