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Okay,this is again end of the week,end of the year 2005,my big Year of Depression and Frustraion has officially come to the very end with me and my whole class holding a party and celebrating.

During the busy party preparation the whole “decoration committee”(me in honor included)had to put up all the decorations which included balloons of all colours,also colourful strapes,rolls,some random posters etc.I also had to draw on the two blackboards in the front and at the back of the classroom some new-yearful images to add to the party atmosphere,which I did pretty well,making everybody call me some arty geneus.(ah~Huh)

Party officially began at 2:00 pm with some songs,then my dear deskmate,unexpectedly,”performed” a speech artical by Lincoln,which was certainly boring with his funky Chinese accent,and which not everyone seemed to have paid attention to.

That’s the only show I need to mention,the rest was all normal and sort of crapy.Head teacher of this class,Class 4,kept pushing up on stage to perform random since I was kept quiet in one corner and hadn’t spoken much in his eyes,pretty awkward also when mentioned for the only time for being “cool” in this “hot”feast,Oh,it was a real shout-out of my name actually,making the situation like hell.

So,official news from the Dean,our honored old classmates are back this evening from the US and are to join in the class on from 4th of January.To tell you the truth,it’s really a great load of pressure.

Yet,good to have a peek at the iPod nano’s elegant design during the party break.

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