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New Year

I am missing out big time again.

As I said 2005 hasn’t been so well with gloomy things through the months,2006 would surely be better than this both in social life and the cyber space.I am not sure about that former but I’ve read tons of,be it “analysis”,”foresight view”or”prediction”,aritles on the near future of online technologies.

Podcasts will be big.Softwares aim in collaboration and sharing.

It’s all about “connectivity”.

Do you see a cloud shrinking to become a densy diamond?

As I was reading the Rome Comic(great history story comics for kids,and,let’s say also young adults).I found that dating back to when the greek civilazation was founded and growing,the conception of globalization had already been formed,and later with the Romans conquering every piece of land within the continent,it had been widely spread throughout Europe and since become one important part of the culture,that is,inspite of the “trivial” diversity in language,custom etc,the Western civilation in general.

I am sure that like 98% or more of you know exactly the influence of the Greek on the West cil.

Yet,word can sometimes be the guidance for the mind flows and lead to unexpected new ideas,that’s what I feel and learn in my logical thinking and reasoning course.

Let’s put these words together.

globalization,collaboration,team,public,republic or even communication,shipping…then lead to Internet,filesharing…

I cannot say that on is above or below another,they are randomly picked but there’s some kind of timelines order in here,pointing right to the technoly and management methology used today.That is,through out the whole literate society,people have been following a pattern set by their/our nature.

Now this time,do you see a network?

It’s like the acient time is a blueprint and in over 2000 years people are starting to do and accomplish some real instructions here.

Another word flow here:


and now I see Mindmap.

I have one belief that nature/truth/god design is wonderfully in order and works on the same principle,which you can see from every aspect of everything.

Do you see mindmapping in a leaf?(Thanks to Tony Buzan and his book).

Now,I am being idiot and surely,obviously,you all know that.


For mind-map and Tony Buzan

Links:Buzan Centre Networks(Sorry but they’re under construction)

Buzan Centre Australia

Buzan Centre for business

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