Common Store.

Stats concern

Well,at ease,it’s not really a Concern.

As I was checking out the web statistics of my page,that is Common Store,eight views in a day.As I was numb in all the tech thing(if not I will have long put up lots of html code,real-time voting,poll,media player and stuff in my Store),didn’t know if my viewing is counted.

Nevertheless,I viewed my site 3-4 times a day,so basically there are 4 who sometime got in here.That’s good sign since I don’t think I am that kinda person who got all popular anywhere,yet,bad to be a loner holding a journal which turns out to be again,a Loner.

My record now is 23 on 27th of December,that just doesn’t make any sense.

P.S:here is just a note,the former name of this journal is Weird,meaningfully though.As I “am” now.again,G’day.


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