Common Store.

The Lord of King Ray,The Return of the iPod nano.

Okay,as I preannounced on several entries before,the iPod nano is finally here within sight of my naked yet with glasses eyes.Good to know that there are several places/stores here of mand variations selling iPod and other Apple gadgets,though,unfortunately there’s no Apple store.


And…got to see lots of interesting sences in the streets or avenues.”

1.People.People.People everywhere.With my “artistic” character I observed them closely,studying their expressions,and guessing what they might be thinking about,and when I looked up from the street,I,for no reason,seeing all those many heads coming in different shapes and colors,making coutless movements,started imagining all those heads just like a errupting volcano poping out in the air,which made the conversation with my mom quite bizzare,ya know,all those little heads,I was a weirdo all again.

2.Islamic Groups.

Actually I’ve always known that there were islamic people immigrating to China during the Tand Dynasty(10th century to 11/12th century I think,sorry for the inaccuracy) when China was like what the US is like today and Xi’an,where I am living now,was like NYC today.They adopted to the culture and politics and all to finally make a settlement here in a quite foreign country.Through the centuries,till now,their offsprings are still here in this city,identifying themselves as Chinese with their memory of the far east land.Because of requent marriages with origin Chinese and maybe,evolutioin,their appearance is just a bit slightly different from a pure Chinese and that’s so insignificant.What is their people(maybe I shouldn’t have said it that way,since they are definitely Our people)’s greatest contribution to this city?Foood,yeah that’s it,yummy it is.Downtown there’s a place like China Town overseas,let’s say Islam Town,where most pre-islamic residents live,and that area has long become one big dilicious.Elsewhere in the big city(it’s rapidly expanding these years)beef,lamb roasted smoky has long become common food like what pizza out there.

What I’ve seen today is that in every intersections in the four main avenues,there are islamic people selling simple snacks,such behaviour,defined as “unlisensed business action”,is banned by the government to “keep the city neat”,and at that moment there was a inspecting truck of the offical raning through the streets to catch some bad-lucks and take their “equipment” away permanetly(that’s what the trucks are for certainly).United,when seeing that truck coming underway,one islamic man,with his tricycle,jumped on and riding away while warning another islamic woman,who also was with her tricycle and snacks she was selling.So…the two,like riding the wave,soon vanished,”and lived happily ever after”.

3.Peasants and the City

Being the capital of the province,Xi’an attracts large amout of people.PEPLE,various.Including peasants from surrouding towns,villages,”valleys(?)”who by any chance strived out of their homeland to Xi’an to find their “Xi’an Dream”,which is also about success by the way.

Yeah,today I got to see lots of them since it’s New Years Day.I’ve always been aware of their somehow rude behaviour and I don’t intend to repeat them just to make a laugh yet again about it all make you laugh.

Still,expaning this,we get the picture.Seeing people spitting random is a daily routine of mine.Hearing people talking all loud is a daily routine of mine.Waiting for the traffic while others raning the light is also a daily routine of mine.That’s just the true image.I love China,but there is SOMETHING stopping me.


Terra Cotta Warriors

Have you got any idea where Xi’an is?Then here the tip comes.


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