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Midnight Clip

Okay,another midnight.

Just finished a paper on Art history as a Chinese composition homework,you might be saying that I may take it too seriously,yet,that’s the only oppurtuniy I could let out my passion and talent for fine art and all the stuff related to that.

The little thing about the artical,I first went over such books as “Cezon and Bergson””The Liberation of Mankind”,a collection entitled “The Psychological World of Art”featuring scientific research on both acient and modern art theories and related discoveries and research on physics(light,color),psychology(cognitive,ways of observing),Mathematics(Geometry mostly).And that took about 2 hours.

The main idea of my paper is that the all the explorations humans have made are to understand the “will of God”,or Truth literally.So all the subjects devided up as what we are studying now are all for that one purpose,and I look back on the history of art from the Age of Rebirth(16th century or so)to the late 19th century,showing the development of the techniques used in art works,maths in the works,and also,philosophy behind the works,and also reveal how natural science as well as arts like philo has contributed to the overall step forward of humans’ recognization of ourselves and of the truth of the world and how it funtions.

In the paper,I put in several hidden lines like the rebellion of Leonardo da Vinci,and Cezon’s philosophy and his influnce on the upcoming artists like Picasso,which I think is bigger than the whole what I’ve written,yet,that’s a whole different story from this.

And…as I was going through one book on da Vinci,Heroes of History by Will Grant,(great work),I again found the line suggesting him be homosexual and that he was in court several times for this.

Well..that’s artist.

So…I am handing this in tomorrow morning.

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