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Weekend Again

At noon got back from school as usual.

This week has been…numb,I mean I am,for no reason I just can’t stand my homework anywhere else than in the classroom.Nights were quite hard for one like me,who has tons of homework yet has not the heart for that.

So,back to the traditional Chinese philosophy to seek an answer,Confusious said”It is the Internet.”Baloney.Every day I have to spend like and hour or two checking my mails and rss feeds,which usually contains up to hundreds pieces of news and editorial articals.After that,some sort of sensation is aroused that makes me anxious and feel on-the-go at my desk,facing those textbooks from school.

Back in day,I sometimes get to thinking about my night online activities,bad memories I’ve got,couldn’t remember much more than 3 or 4 pieces that I’ve read,which essentially means I am far from productive reading as I’ve been in other pros.And yesterday on 43folders,a blog about a bunch of tricks on productivity,I read about cutting off on the volumn of the collection to be able to concentrate on more,to conprhense more,thus to be more productive out of these fuss.I was quite stunned while considering cutting down my selection,because such fact was suddenly so obvious as rss feeds,be it news or language studies or literature,are accepted as entertainment by me for they are online materials.Such mindset is concrete in my mind that nothing online is so serious.

That’s a bad point,huh?

Yet,I’ve also made some contributions to myself image during the week,that is that article I wrote(check out previous post)on the conncetion between the development of art,philosophy,math,psychology and human’s recognization of the world and his self,for my Chinese essay assignment.The latest news from the Raymond Times is that nothing is heard from the teacher yet,since Raymond handed it in a bit late then the others and by the time the teacher received the piece his classmates pieces had been checked out by the teacher and handed back to them.

So…next week the final examination will come and the results won’t be too pleasant I suppose.Whatever,29th of January,the China Lunar New Year’s Day,that’s a big time and a happy one anyway,regardless of how your grades are.

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