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Weekend close-up

Although this is not the weekend yet,due to the coming final examination(actually tomorrow),I will just make a quick update here,and also I’ve been feeling guilt about uploading random stuff.

I’ve been going over again Kieslowski’s trilogy Three Colours(Blue/White/Red) during these days with my “guidance book” which is “Kieslowski On Kieslowski”,a biography by a British Journalist on the well acclaimed director.

Basically,in the films,Kieslowski put into philosophy of his own,on Self,Existence,and his understanding on many basic concepts rooting in the human nature like Liberty and love.Also,he’s also a sociolgy for the films are also about society and people’s relations with one another.

Okay,running out of time,I will do a full coverage on that later in this month.Maybe some audio files that you can check out on


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