Common Store.

Long Pause…whew…


It’s actually going to be Chinese New Year soon.

Sorry for the delay.

Life is…well,nothing much to say about my life.My physical reaction probably gives some clue.During school days it’s really hard to get me out of bed resulting in me being always late;But now that the holidays are here,I got up at 6 in the morning,feeling more energetic than ever.Somehow–school is being more like hell I guess.

I don’t want to confessions,that would probably bore you and myself away from this.

Yesterday and also a week ago I recieved phone calls from a former classmate/friend from Beijing,we haven’t talked since he left Xi’an this summer for high school.He is,like the old-time “observers” would claim,a “weirdo also,who matches Raymond perfectly.”I don’t buy it,however.He doesn’t want to admit either I suppose.

Long story short,on the phone,he told nothing but how perfect life there is and all the school activities.

Clearly he’s showing off,yet I didn’t care as I always don’t care about that kind of thing.I simply always listen and respond to or laught about it with them.Though not indifference to politics,especially education system here,I am indifferent to all the fussy people around me are telling of.O,this reminds of so many things,last night I listened to a philosophy podcast whose topic is friendship.I need to quote here.”I have friends I love,and I have friends I tolerate.I have friends whose company I enjoy,I have friends whose company I ought to enjoy.”

I do enjoy my friends’ company,be it as fussy as tales of their splendid life.They are  somehow lovely that way.

As I said,he’s publicly anowned “weirdo”.At the end of our conversation he asked:

How far can you see?

Sure you know what that means.

Really,how far can I see?I said,jokingly,”To my death.”

Yet,seriously he said,”Nor far enough.”

Though I can definitely tell he’s trying to have a competition going on,so he had to see “farther” than I would,that’s why he said that.Yet,it’s really the only worthwhile question of the whole lovely conversation.

Lovely people.


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