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Weekend Again

At noon got back from school as usual.

This week has been…numb,I mean I am,for no reason I just can’t stand my homework anywhere else than in the classroom.Nights were quite hard for one like me,who has tons of homework yet has not the heart for that.

So,back to the traditional Chinese philosophy to seek an answer,Confusious said”It is the Internet.”Baloney.Every day I have to spend like and hour or two checking my mails and rss feeds,which usually contains up to hundreds pieces of news and editorial articals.After that,some sort of sensation is aroused that makes me anxious and feel on-the-go at my desk,facing those textbooks from school.

Back in day,I sometimes get to thinking about my night online activities,bad memories I’ve got,couldn’t remember much more than 3 or 4 pieces that I’ve read,which essentially means I am far from productive reading as I’ve been in other pros.And yesterday on 43folders,a blog about a bunch of tricks on productivity,I read about cutting off on the volumn of the collection to be able to concentrate on more,to conprhense more,thus to be more productive out of these fuss.I was quite stunned while considering cutting down my selection,because such fact was suddenly so obvious as rss feeds,be it news or language studies or literature,are accepted as entertainment by me for they are online materials.Such mindset is concrete in my mind that nothing online is so serious.

That’s a bad point,huh?

Yet,I’ve also made some contributions to myself image during the week,that is that article I wrote(check out previous post)on the conncetion between the development of art,philosophy,math,psychology and human’s recognization of the world and his self,for my Chinese essay assignment.The latest news from the Raymond Times is that nothing is heard from the teacher yet,since Raymond handed it in a bit late then the others and by the time the teacher received the piece his classmates pieces had been checked out by the teacher and handed back to them.

So…next week the final examination will come and the results won’t be too pleasant I suppose.Whatever,29th of January,the China Lunar New Year’s Day,that’s a big time and a happy one anyway,regardless of how your grades are.

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Midnight Clip

Okay,another midnight.

Just finished a paper on Art history as a Chinese composition homework,you might be saying that I may take it too seriously,yet,that’s the only oppurtuniy I could let out my passion and talent for fine art and all the stuff related to that.

The little thing about the artical,I first went over such books as “Cezon and Bergson””The Liberation of Mankind”,a collection entitled “The Psychological World of Art”featuring scientific research on both acient and modern art theories and related discoveries and research on physics(light,color),psychology(cognitive,ways of observing),Mathematics(Geometry mostly).And that took about 2 hours.

The main idea of my paper is that the all the explorations humans have made are to understand the “will of God”,or Truth literally.So all the subjects devided up as what we are studying now are all for that one purpose,and I look back on the history of art from the Age of Rebirth(16th century or so)to the late 19th century,showing the development of the techniques used in art works,maths in the works,and also,philosophy behind the works,and also reveal how natural science as well as arts like philo has contributed to the overall step forward of humans’ recognization of ourselves and of the truth of the world and how it funtions.

In the paper,I put in several hidden lines like the rebellion of Leonardo da Vinci,and Cezon’s philosophy and his influnce on the upcoming artists like Picasso,which I think is bigger than the whole what I’ve written,yet,that’s a whole different story from this.

And…as I was going through one book on da Vinci,Heroes of History by Will Grant,(great work),I again found the line suggesting him be homosexual and that he was in court several times for this.

Well..that’s artist.

So…I am handing this in tomorrow morning.

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Pre:100 years of Chinese film industry

A hundred years ago it came,now it’s 100 years old.

For my personal interest in films,I think I will be doing some collection like a timeline or…whatever and here’s just a preannouncement since it’s gonna take long for my final examinations in school is coming under way.

For now,just a news clip:

Chinese cinema toasts to 100 years
By Zhu Linyong (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-12-29 07:28

In the so-called Chinese Blockbuster Age, the country’s film industry has plenty of reasons to toast to its 100 years of moviemaking.

Looking into the crystal glass ball, pundits are watching the signs and predicting a promising future despite the hurdles that remain.

“With 100 years behind it, the Chinese film industry is regaining its self-confidence despite setbacks and difficulties of all kinds,” said Beijing-based film historian Sun Jianshan. “Looking at its history gives us both good lessons and enough reasons to predict a brighter future for the Chinese film industry.”

Chinese cinema is not holding back when it comes to marking its achievements.

As Chinese audiences fill theatres to watch the much-hyped epic “The Promise” (Wuji) and Shanghai romance “Perhaps Love” (Ruguo Ai), a string of lavish celebrations are also being staged for the centenary of Chinese cinema art.

Early this month, a five-day international seminar on 100 years of Chinese film was held in Beijing and attended by about 200 film scholars from around 60 countries and regions.

On December 22, a stone tablet with golden characters was erected at the Daguanlou Movie Theatre, once called Fengtai Photo Shop some 100 years ago, in southern Beijing to indicate the very birthplace of Chinese film art in 1905.

Yesterday, Chinese leaders attended a celebration at the Great Hall of the People to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Chinese cinema art and the local film industry.

This morning, the China Film Museum, said to be the largest in Asia, opens to the public in northeast Beijing.

What’s more, between December 25 and March 31, 2006, 100 selected Chinese films produced during the last century are being screened in cinemas across the country to mark the anniversary.

Phenomenal figures

It is an exciting time for Chinese film-makers and for Chinese film viewers.

“The year 2005 marks a third consecutive year of harvest for the Chinese film industry, a decent gift for the centenary of Chinese film,” said State Film Bureau Chief Tong Gang, at a news briefing last weekend in Beijing.

Partly due to the enactment of a series of favourable film policies encouraging the inflow of foreign and private money into the film business in the autumn of 2004, the Chinese mainland has churned out 260 feature films in 2005, an increase of 48 over the last year.

Excluding those made by Hong Kong and Taiwan since the founding of New China in 1949, China has turned out a total of 26,300 films since 1905 when the country’s first movie was shot and screened, including more than 7,200 features, about 650 cartoons and animations, more than 12,400 news documentaries, about 4,800 science and educational ones, and more than 700 made-for-TV flicks.

On the international front, Chinese home-made films have won 32 international awards, one of the indications of a booming Chinese film industry, Tong said.

A total of 18 homegrown films won 32 international awards in 24 international film festivals in 2005. Meanwhile, at least 26 SARFT-authorized overseas Chinese film exhibitions were held in 2005, with 215 Chinese-made films displayed in 22 countries and regions, he said.

A recent Xinhua report described: “Facing fierce commercial onslaught from Hollywood, the Chinese movie industry advances carefully and optimistically.”

Costumed love epic “Hero” (Yingxiong), directed by Zhang Yimou, reaped 1.45 billion yuan (US$180 million) in box office revenue and 30 million yuan (US$3.75 million) in revenue in film tie-in products, including DVDs, stamps and cartoons distributed worldwide.

A Wall Street Journal article said the film had ushered in a Chinese Blockbuster Age. “Chinese films are participating in the international competition by involving themselves in the international mainstream markets,” said Beijing Film Academy professor Huang Shixian.

Since the mid-1980s, the Chinese movie industry has gone through a series of deregulating and liberalizing reforms.

“During that time, market prices were consolidated, and the government moved decisively to eliminate restrictions on private ownership,” said associate professor Hong Jun-Hao of the Department of Communication at the State University of New York in Buffalo at the film seminar.

“Meanwhile, Hollywood pictures were permitted to be released in China. The industrial structure and market practices created and practised by Hollywood have become the new model for the Chinese movie industry,” he said.

In 2004, despite a global market share of 0.9 per cent in box office, the box office revenues in the Chinese mainland hit 1.5 billion yuan (US$183 million), up 60 per cent over the previous year.

And in 2005, domestic box office yields have surpassed 2 billion yuan (US$246.6 million) while overseas box office income has so far scored 1.7 billion yuan (US$209.6 million), and profits from TV showings nationwide scooped up 1.2 billion yuan (US$148 million), totalling 4.8 billion yuan (US$592 million) 1.2 billion yuan (US$148 million) more than that in 2004, said Tong Gang. Tong added that new media such as the Internet screening, mobile phone screening, online games, and digital movie theatres have opened a new gate of fortune for Chinese film-makers.

In 2005, a total of 55 cinemas were constructed with 272 new screens, adding to the existing 2,668 screens in 1,243 cinemas; and the number of film screens is expected to grow rapidly next year as more and more private and foreign investments are pouring into this newfound profitable industry, observers said.

For instance, on December 26, Warner Brothers unveiled its plan to build digital cinemas in the Chinese capital next June, following its ventures in other major Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Dalian, Nanjing and Tianjin over the past three years.

As China gave free rein to overseas investors in its digital cinema sector in July this year, Warner Brothers accelerated its steps to open more digital cinemas in China.

Under the new plan, the US film giant plans to increase its digital projection halls in China to 170 by the end of 2007.

All these new developments are indicating a hard-earned rejuvenation of the country’s film industry, critics said.

How much can you wear?

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Couple spends 28.5 years repainting baseball, now 119″ circumference

By Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow: Mike and Glenda Carmichael of Alexandria, Indiana have spent the past 28.5 years painting and repainting an ordinary baseball. The ball now weighs 1,700lbs, measures 119″ around, and sports 19,100 coats of paint. Link, Coral Cache Link to Photo (via Neatorama)

Stats concern

Well,at ease,it’s not really a Concern.

As I was checking out the web statistics of my page,that is Common Store,eight views in a day.As I was numb in all the tech thing(if not I will have long put up lots of html code,real-time voting,poll,media player and stuff in my Store),didn’t know if my viewing is counted.

Nevertheless,I viewed my site 3-4 times a day,so basically there are 4 who sometime got in here.That’s good sign since I don’t think I am that kinda person who got all popular anywhere,yet,bad to be a loner holding a journal which turns out to be again,a Loner.

My record now is 23 on 27th of December,that just doesn’t make any sense.

P.S:here is just a note,the former name of this journal is Weird,meaningfully though.As I “am” now.again,G’day.

The Lord of King Ray,The Return of the iPod nano.

Okay,as I preannounced on several entries before,the iPod nano is finally here within sight of my naked yet with glasses eyes.Good to know that there are several places/stores here of mand variations selling iPod and other Apple gadgets,though,unfortunately there’s no Apple store.


And…got to see lots of interesting sences in the streets or avenues.”

1.People.People.People everywhere.With my “artistic” character I observed them closely,studying their expressions,and guessing what they might be thinking about,and when I looked up from the street,I,for no reason,seeing all those many heads coming in different shapes and colors,making coutless movements,started imagining all those heads just like a errupting volcano poping out in the air,which made the conversation with my mom quite bizzare,ya know,all those little heads,I was a weirdo all again.

2.Islamic Groups.

Actually I’ve always known that there were islamic people immigrating to China during the Tand Dynasty(10th century to 11/12th century I think,sorry for the inaccuracy) when China was like what the US is like today and Xi’an,where I am living now,was like NYC today.They adopted to the culture and politics and all to finally make a settlement here in a quite foreign country.Through the centuries,till now,their offsprings are still here in this city,identifying themselves as Chinese with their memory of the far east land.Because of requent marriages with origin Chinese and maybe,evolutioin,their appearance is just a bit slightly different from a pure Chinese and that’s so insignificant.What is their people(maybe I shouldn’t have said it that way,since they are definitely Our people)’s greatest contribution to this city?Foood,yeah that’s it,yummy it is.Downtown there’s a place like China Town overseas,let’s say Islam Town,where most pre-islamic residents live,and that area has long become one big dilicious.Elsewhere in the big city(it’s rapidly expanding these years)beef,lamb roasted smoky has long become common food like what pizza out there.

What I’ve seen today is that in every intersections in the four main avenues,there are islamic people selling simple snacks,such behaviour,defined as “unlisensed business action”,is banned by the government to “keep the city neat”,and at that moment there was a inspecting truck of the offical raning through the streets to catch some bad-lucks and take their “equipment” away permanetly(that’s what the trucks are for certainly).United,when seeing that truck coming underway,one islamic man,with his tricycle,jumped on and riding away while warning another islamic woman,who also was with her tricycle and snacks she was selling.So…the two,like riding the wave,soon vanished,”and lived happily ever after”.

3.Peasants and the City

Being the capital of the province,Xi’an attracts large amout of people.PEPLE,various.Including peasants from surrouding towns,villages,”valleys(?)”who by any chance strived out of their homeland to Xi’an to find their “Xi’an Dream”,which is also about success by the way.

Yeah,today I got to see lots of them since it’s New Years Day.I’ve always been aware of their somehow rude behaviour and I don’t intend to repeat them just to make a laugh yet again about it all make you laugh.

Still,expaning this,we get the picture.Seeing people spitting random is a daily routine of mine.Hearing people talking all loud is a daily routine of mine.Waiting for the traffic while others raning the light is also a daily routine of mine.That’s just the true image.I love China,but there is SOMETHING stopping me.


Terra Cotta Warriors

Have you got any idea where Xi’an is?Then here the tip comes.

Happy New Year


Originally uploaded by Anthonygz.

New Year

I am missing out big time again.

As I said 2005 hasn’t been so well with gloomy things through the months,2006 would surely be better than this both in social life and the cyber space.I am not sure about that former but I’ve read tons of,be it “analysis”,”foresight view”or”prediction”,aritles on the near future of online technologies.

Podcasts will be big.Softwares aim in collaboration and sharing.

It’s all about “connectivity”.

Do you see a cloud shrinking to become a densy diamond?

As I was reading the Rome Comic(great history story comics for kids,and,let’s say also young adults).I found that dating back to when the greek civilazation was founded and growing,the conception of globalization had already been formed,and later with the Romans conquering every piece of land within the continent,it had been widely spread throughout Europe and since become one important part of the culture,that is,inspite of the “trivial” diversity in language,custom etc,the Western civilation in general.

I am sure that like 98% or more of you know exactly the influence of the Greek on the West cil.

Yet,word can sometimes be the guidance for the mind flows and lead to unexpected new ideas,that’s what I feel and learn in my logical thinking and reasoning course.

Let’s put these words together.

globalization,collaboration,team,public,republic or even communication,shipping…then lead to Internet,filesharing…

I cannot say that on is above or below another,they are randomly picked but there’s some kind of timelines order in here,pointing right to the technoly and management methology used today.That is,through out the whole literate society,people have been following a pattern set by their/our nature.

Now this time,do you see a network?

It’s like the acient time is a blueprint and in over 2000 years people are starting to do and accomplish some real instructions here.

Another word flow here:


and now I see Mindmap.

I have one belief that nature/truth/god design is wonderfully in order and works on the same principle,which you can see from every aspect of everything.

Do you see mindmapping in a leaf?(Thanks to Tony Buzan and his book).

Now,I am being idiot and surely,obviously,you all know that.


For mind-map and Tony Buzan

Links:Buzan Centre Networks(Sorry but they’re under construction)

Buzan Centre Australia

Buzan Centre for business

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“I want the truth from yoooouuu.”

Write the truth
Republicans lie,
Democrats lie,
saying what you want to hear
liberal and conservative hacks
perpetuate the fear

loved ones dieand family’s cry
mothers, fathers fear
prayers and screams, the dreaded dreams
knowing nothings clear

murmurs, whispers, hollow shouts
pleas from fallen souls
write the truth
write the trutht
hen our fortune grows.
The greatest freedom we enjoyis the freedom of expressionand an obligation to write the truth.
Steve Clackson


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